Sunday, 17 February 2013

Do you know that we NEED fat to burn fat?

Hah! Jangan nak suka sangat. Mentang-mentang tajuk we NEED fat to burn fat kan? :P Jangan dok eksaited teruih nak pi makan fast foods.

Ok, kita selalunya bila nak diet, nak lose weight, mesti dalam kepala dah set "avoid carbo, avoid fat" kan? MESTI punya lah. Tho tak semua, tapi kebanyakan kita macam tu lah. Lepas tu kita pun bersusah payah diet dengan diet low nutrients itu. Obviously in the first place kita memang tak mampu nak makan semua jenis makanan in one meal time, untuk bagi cukup semua keperluan zat and vitamins yang diperlukan oleh badan kan? Lepas tu kita buat pulak low or no fat/carbo diet. Trust me, progressively over time, you will get fatter instead. Sebab kesudahannya kita jadi tak cukup zat makanan.

Sekarang cuba kita tengok orang Eskimo. 70% of their daily calories from fat, yet they are the among the ones that have lowest rate of heart disease in the world! You know why? Sebab dia makan healthy fat and not the unhealthy ones like what we've been eating now; i.e fast foods.

Eat fat to burn fat, kalau betul caranya it surely will make you slimmer faster, but if you don't understand the whole situation betul-betul, very likely not only it will make us fatter but also killing faster. Yang penting kena faham bagaimana lemak boleh membantu dalam penurunan berat badan (or otherwise) and jenis-jenis lemak yang perlu diambil and dielak.

Ok sekarang kita kena faham satu perkara. Apa pun situasi kita, kita KENA MAKAN. Diet ke tak diet ker, kita mesti nak makan. Now, dalam situasi bila kita buat low or no fat diet, maknanya kita kena makanan lain yang sama ada high in protein or carbo kan. Sebab main nutrients dalam makanan adalah lemak, protein and carbo. Now u dah reject entirely lemak, so tinggal protein and carbo. TAPI. Otak kita ni, macam mana kita kata kena makan protein pun, akhirnya kita akan berserah pada carbo jugak. Or kalau kita terlalu control sampai tak makan cukup all three ni, lagi lah sekian terima kasih, ke laut terus semuanya. Kita jadi lapar. Sangat lapar.

Bila lapar hormon jadi haywire, lagi teruk bila Insulin spikes up. -_______-" And one thing that Insulin DOES REALLY WELL; it stores fat. Perasan tak  bila kita diet cara salah, kita jadi cepat stress, nak marah, lepas tu dan dan terus rasa nak makan benda manis. Kan? Kan? Alah, tak payah diet lah, kalau kita tak diet pun, tapi kalau dah berlapar sangat, memang terus la jiwa kacau kira nak emo jer.

Now, back to the fat story. Good fat is one of the best and most stable source of energy. Because it helps to build body muscle tissue which is responsible for fat burning process. But, when you go on your less or no fat diet, you somehow going to make the 'maintaining-muscle' process difficult, and eventually, giving a hard time for your body to burn calories. Kita bukan cakap pasai muscle body builder tu haaa, yang tu lain oke.

But bear in mind that fat isn't the easiest nutrient to digest, so it stays longer in our digestive system. Maksudnya kita pun akan kenyang lebih lama TAPI itu bagus for good fat. Kalau you consume unhealthy fat tu, lagi lama dalam badan, lagi banyak toxin produce lah kan.

One more thing, kenapa kita perlu makan good fat? Because we need the good fat for some fat soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Maksudnya lagi, body won't be able to absorb them without fat and if your body isn't absorbing nutrients properly, that can lead to vitamins deficiencies pulak. T____T

Finally, what are the type of fats that we need to eat or to skip.

TO EAT: Unsaturated fatty acids (vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olives and fish). Or senang cerita, yang selalu kita tengok dekat label, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, hah yang ni dua sangat bagus. So adjust your diet to include these two.

CAN EAT but LIMITED AMOUNT: Saturated fatty acids. Can be obtain primarily from animal sources such as meat and dairy products. Kalau tengok pada label makanan, biasanya ada pada butter dengan cheese.

TO AVOID: TRANS FAT! The worst type of fat. Why is it so? Because it raises the bad cholesterol level (LDL) and lower down the good cholesterol level (HDL) which clearly increases the risk of heart disease. x_____x

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL). LDL, or "bad," cholesterol transports cholesterol throughout your body. LDL cholesterol, when elevated, builds up in the walls of your arteries, making them hard and narrow. High-density lipoprotein (HDL). 
HDL, or "good," cholesterol picks up excess cholesterol and takes it back to your liver. Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a process called hydrogenation, which makes the oil less likely to spoil. Using trans fats in the manufacturing of foods helps foods stay fresh longer, have a longer shelf life and have a less greasy feel.

So what are those?

BAKED GOODS - crackers, cookies, cakes, FRIED FOODS (doughnuts, french fries), PROCESSED FOODS (to enhance flavor, texture and shelf life), SHORTENINGS, MARGARINE, FROZEN PIES, PIZZAS and a lot more. T___T

Haha. So macam susah jugak lah kan? Sebab yang ada trans fat tu jugak lah yang sedap nak dimakan. I believe by now you dah faham, why when you go on diet, you somehow ended up gaining more weight than before. First, you are not eating enough calories and insufficient nutrients, then you probably cut off terus fat including the good ones, then you ended up eating foods macam biscuits or bread semata, sebab takut makan nasi. Little did you know those cookies and biscuits or many other baked goods contain high level of trans fat. Oke?

Sebab tu I selalu jugak pesan, it's fine if you nak makan nasi while going on diet. Makan tu takpa, amount tu kena tengok macam mana and you have to look into the whole meal jugak macam mana. Ada tu nasi tak makan, tapi lauk yang makan tu AYAM GORENG. Ohemgeeee that is so wrong. Ayam deep fried, ada minyak, trans fat. -______-" Lepas tu jiwa kacau just because tak boleh makan nasi, kan kan? Or ada jugak yang tak makan nasi, tapi makan MEE OR KUEY TEOW. Hadoyaiii, itu lagi lah. Processed foods. At least nasi tu from source lah jugak, unless you eat nasi goreng kan. Itu bukan haaaa.

Haha. Kita makan ni terus lagi senang hidup. Sebab nak makan salmon hari-hari untuk dapat source Omega 3 tu, memang tak mampu la kan. Sekeping Salmon pun dah RM15 kehkehkeh.

Please take note. VERY IMPORTANT. Janganlah siksa diri nak diet, tapi makan biskut, minum susu semata. Konon sebab takut makan nasik -_____- Kena faham jenis-jenis fat ni sebab trans fat dalam biskot tu lagi jahat wooo.

The Mystery of Belly Fat

Hahaha. Mystery. I called it mystery because even for some stick thin people, the accumulated fat can still be very much visible around the tummy area. What's more for other categories of body type especially those fall under overweight and obese or extremely obese group, I'm sure you know what I mean? And myself, even after losing a whole lot of weight and my BMI is absolutely normal, I still have some percentage of stubborn fat surrounding my tummy area. Sad uh? -____-"

So I start searching for info (read: Google), at least to better understand what causes belly fat and what are the proper actions that need to be taken. And now everything makes more senses why the ugly belly fat is there. Mine is mainly due to sugar calories lah kot haha. Consumption more than usage via energy burning, tu la pasal. Starbucks and other frappucinos must be the main culprit here muahahaa. Siap request extra caramel drizzle. :P 

Owh by the way, do you know that belly fat is the most detrimental body fat to your health? PALING BAHAYA kauuuu! Ohemgeeeee. How I feel so stupid for holding to this belief "takpa, perut suami saya buncit, tandanya dia gembira" Now I feel like banging my head against the wall. NO IT IS NOT! This belly fat contributes highest to severe health problems such as HEART DISEASE, STROKE and DIABETES. Oh please Allah, I want my husband to be all fit and healthy. Please grant us the strength to go through this journey of transforming him back to his normal body frame. :) Or at least please give my husband the will power to drink water at least 5 liters a day, consistently. :P

Ok people, listen. There are two types of fat. First, Subcutaneous Fat: the one that you can just see under the skin (thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen) and the other one for which you should put more concern on is  VISCERAL FAT. This bloody fella is the one that surrounds your vital organs, which in fact can cause more serious problems even for a thin people. But of course it isn't all bad because we still need some amount of visceral fat to protect (cushioning) our organs. But well, so obvious that we are having more than what we really need pun kan. :P 

And if any of us ever think "fat will just sit there in one spot" muahahaha the idea is just so wrong. Body fats just don't sit and do nothing. (Slimming centres suka sangat promote spot fat reduction ni, tipu dusta ok). They are nasty at most of the time. So, if we do not take care of our own body, this body fat will start doing what they do best, making sure all fat depots are full. As obesity increase, the fat is then deposited into the organs pulak. Tak cukup bawah kulit, dia sapu pulak organ badan, hah nak? 

So, for a minimal effect on your health and well being, please make sure that your waistline is less than 35 inches (women) and 40 inches (men), otherwise it's probably an indicator that your health is highly at risk. Like a time bomb! Basically visceral fat hates active body. 

Now, where does this culprit came from? Hormones, genetics, pregnancy, menopause, calories intake, foods we eat are among the possible reasons. 

Insulin - Insulin spikes make you fat. Also known as fat-storing-hormone. If you are feeling starved, that pretty much indicates your insulin level has already spiked and the next thing you put into your mouth will now get stored as fat. So don't starve yourself. And eat breakfast people! 

Leptin - It plays a key role in regulating energy intake and energy expenditure, including appetite and metabolism. Leptin is the way your fat cells tell your brain that your energy level is set right. But when people do a wrong diet process, they eat less and decrease the energy intake, which then decreases the amount of leptin produced. Lepas tu, Leptin level goes below your personal leptin threshold and the moment it does that, your brain senses starvation. "Starvation! We are in starvation mode! Keep the fats! Don't burn them" Liddat maaaa. That's how starvation hormone works. Now how to maintain a healthy Leptin level? Get enough sleep and avoid foods with high MSG. 

Cortisol - The stress hormone; just as nasty as it sounds. As if you didn't have enough problems, this mangkuk guy will make you store more fat around your middle like a spare tire. Studies have also shown that people who secrete higher levels of cortisol due to stress also tend to eat more food, and food that is higher in carbohydrates than people who secrete less cortisol. If you are more sensitive to stress, it’s important for you to learn stress management techniques and maintain a low-stress lifestyle.

Genetics - Women who have apple or pear-shaped bodies typically are genetically prone to have belly fat due to the natural shape of their bodies. Genetics, something not within our control but definitely there's way to get rid of it. Eat fiber rich foods, fruits, veggies, lean protein and drink plenty of water. It helps!

Pregnancy - What happens during pregnancy? A true sad fact. Belly expand - then muscle tear and separate - tissue begins to sag - present belly fat becomes prominent - eventually weight tends to shift to belly are right after pregnancy. Solution? Exercise. Or bengkung, as we Malay calls it. :P 

Menopause - Losing great amount of estrogen causes weight gain as well. Women at this stage will start losing their muscle mass, making calories burning activity slower than ever. What happens to all this excess fat? They happily shift to belly area then. -_____-" Ah, so much of what women have to endure. Suami semua, sila sayangi dan kasihi isteri anda. 

Eat too many or too low calories everyday - Too many? Self explanatory. You eat more than what your body can burn and transform into energy  bye bye, I see you in fat depots. But eating too little calories can also lead to belly fat problem. This is because cutting down on too many calories causes your body to become nutrient deficient hence lacking from what it needs to thrive. This in turn, causes the production of the hunger hormone to increase. When this happens, your body will send hunger signals to your brain which you won’t be able to resist and therefore cause you to over eat which later increase your calorie intake and increase your belly fat.

Processed and preservative foods - These foods cause mineral deficiencies and imbalances that cause your body to retain more water, which in turn leads to extra weight gain and even worse, accumulate more harmful toxic waste. All this unfortunately can cause an unhealthy and inconsistent bowel movements too. Seriously, it is very possible that your extra pouch may not just be fat, but toxic waste mixed in. -____-"

Ok, too much to digest? Haha. Whatever it is, nothing beats the rule: exercise more eat less. To have a flat belly, you need to lose visceral fat; the organ fats. Not so easy but doable. Do it now people. Don't wait because chances are you body will struggle more as you get older. 

Wanna know what is your body fat range? What is your visceral fat? Water level? Muscle mass? ASK SHILA NOW :P

Syukur Allah saya bertemu dengan Herbalife

Selamat Pagi Malaysia! and yes, good morning to everyone else in the world, reader ShilaShower kan merata seluruh dunia gitu. So, how was your weekend? Mine was a bit of SUPER OK plus K.O! Super ok super awesome sebab I baru balik dari event Herbalife Spectacular and crazy k.o kiokkkk sebab traffic dekat rumah ber-poskod-kan BATU CAVES maka adalah hazabedah. Hahaha. 48 hours of non moving traffic, gila oihhh (coz our house facing MRR2 tu, so memang boleh tengok betapa teruknya traffic ke Batu Caves tahap dah pukul 4-5 pagi pun jem tak bergerak) Pakgad India tu cakap ini holy place dia orang, so people satu Malaysia even ramai also from luar negara datang untuk sembahyang kat sini. So please expect the crowd.

Anyway, sebab kita baru balik from Spectacular, banyak benda belajar, be it for personal life or Herbalife itself, rasa berbaloi sangat. Tau kenapa berbaloi? Meh sini nak cerita. Baca dengan minda terbuka, ini lebih kepada ilmu motivasi gitu hahaha. I'm not going to talk about doing business-make-money-buy-handbag kind of thing hahaha but ok lah, sikit tu ada. :P I mean of course kalau ada extra income kita nak beli benda kita suka, tapi itu bukan highlightnya di sini.

Setahun lepas, sebelum saya consume Herbalife, dah ada 4-5 orang yang cuba propose product ni dekat kita, tapi entah, mungkin keazaman nak kurus tu belum meninggi so I let go offer tu semua macam tu sahaja. Senang kata, buat bodohlah. Then, datanglah hamba Allah seorang ini, reader blog ShilaShower, again offer this same thing BUT mungkin cara dia less pushy, maka hati kita pun tergeraklah nak cuba. 

Then we met and dia terangkan serba sedikit tentang Herbalife and ajak kita masuk weight loss challenge. Muahahhhaa. Masa tu pikir banyak kali jugak, I ni dah la jenis reserve sikit kalau in real muahahah ayat tak bleh blah, tapi betul I don't really talk to people kalau tak kenal, kat belog je bebel lebih. Pastu nak masuk weight loss contest lagi, nak kena jumpa lebih ramai orang, dan segala issues berbangkit lain, I macam malu. Macam loser pun ada rasa. Tapi entah, lama-lama tu I decide to give a try.

Dalam kepala masa masuk contest tu, kalau tak menang tak apa, yang penting I lose weight. 3-4 kilo pun jadilah sebab bila kita masuk contest ni, kita semangat. Biar tak menang janji ada progress sebab malulah kalau end of contest period kita sorang je tak turun berat, sedangkan orang lain dah lose weight berkilo. Tapi aturan Allah kita tak pernah tau. SAYA MENANG TEMPAT KE-2 WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE itu! Dapat hadiah cash RM500, siapa sangka kan? Husband yang mula-mula skeptikal tu pun terus terbeliak bijik mata. Then my weight loss project tu I teruskan sampai I finally dapat berat badan 60kg. I was 75kg before, was even heavier before, 90kg! Gilo. 

Makanya, I considered myself as a success product's results. Berjayalah kan? Dari extreme obese to size S now :) Then my upline ajak pergi event, nama dia STS, dekat Pullman Putrajaya. I pergi. Tapi dalam kepala kosong, TIADA DREAM. Tapi masa pergi tu, I remember going up stage ramai-ramai dengan impian nak move up jadi SUPERVISOR sebulan kemudian and that time I was just a normal distributor yang bayor RM98 tu. Ada few levels that I need to pass baru jadi Supervisor. Tapi mungkin berkat satu dewan besar tu doakan, I memang jadi Supervisor betul-betul sebulan lepas tu. ^______^ 

With very minimal efforts, just share products results dekat orang, I berjaya move to that supervisor position. Dengan tak perlu susah payah sangat. But that was it. For one year, I happy je dengan position supervisor tu, ok je dengan income and bonus I dapat, tak pernah peduli nak move further. SEBAB I berada dalam comfort zone sendiri. Tambah lagi I have my fulltime job that paying me good salary, siap 2012 naik gaji 3 kali kannnnn so kira comfort lah. Buat Herbalife sebab seronok-seronok. Macam tu. 

Tapi di luar sedar, dalam seronok-seronok tu I dah let go too many opportunities that I can actually make with Herbalife. I have several other customers yang achieve results yang bagus also, yang lose weight dekat 15kg dah, tapi I tak berapa share dengan orang. Or if I meet people in real, I tak cerita sangat beria apa Herbalife dah buat dengan I. I just keep everything to myself sebab I tak pernah ada impian untuk pergi jauh. TAK PERNAH. I ok je dengan apa yang ada. 

Cukup makan, cukup pakai, boleh holidays, boleh shopping, senang cerita dalam kehidupan average tu, I'm doing all fine. Happy. Ada business diaper cakes lagi kan? Hahah so ok lah, apa nak lagi :P

But after Spectacular ni, I realize something. I do have a dream, but my dream isn't big enough. I belajar that how we need to DREAM BIG like real big yang macam tak terjangkau dek otak, sebab if we don't achieve it pun, somehow, eventually we will get something yang close to the big ones. Contohnya, kita berangan nak beli kereta MASERATI and that we want it so badly and we force ourself to work super hard sebab kita nak sangat kereta tu, but at the end of the day, kalau tak dapat MASERATI tu pun, paling tidak mesti boleh dapat BENTLEY. Eyh ke sama lebih kurang je taraf dia? Hahha. 

And I never take the dream seriously. Dream memang dream tapi tak serious. Haha. Ah, tu lah akibat comfort zone kan. So dalam dewan tu, masa tengah event tu, terus list out dreams kami suami isteri. Oh yes, sebelum ni kita take up dream masing-masing, tak pernah nak combine and share the energy to double up the activities so dream tu lagi cepat nyata. So kita pun tulis dalam buku semua dreams tu, yang terlintas dalam kepala setakat hari ni and ada surprisingly we have more than 50 dreams! Yes we all do have a lot of dreams, tapi sebab tak pernah nak list out, or rasa macam ala tak significant, nak kena tulis ke and stuff like that. Tapi bila list out, ha amik kauuu lebih 50 or list akan update dari masa ke semasa. Maybe that's why I tak pernah nak work lagi extra extra hard sebab dreams tak clear, or tak big enough. But now I KNOW I HAVE THE CAPABILITIES TO DO SO but I'm just plain lazy sebelum ni. Hahaha.

Ok, back to my Herbalife story, I'm the living testimonial itself, I experience the wonderful products myself tapi I tak bersungguh share dengan orang and I tak bersungguh untuk bantu orang lain improve health (lose weight particularly) and eventually dapat bantu orang earn extra income. Sebab I rasa orang lain macam I, macam rasa "ahhh, this people are doing ok, tak perlu bantuan kot" hahaha. Judgemental. But Spectacular event is such an opening to me.

Dekat situ, lebih ramai orang yang lagi susah nak harungi hidup and some of them, betul-betul punya susah taraf kehidupan. Ada yang disable, ada yang datang angkut bawak anak kecik dengan segala carpet, tilam bantal semua, demi nak dapatkan yang terbaik untuk ubah kehidupan masing-masing. Ada yang baru kehilangan mak ayah and they just need to do something with their life sebab ada adik-adik nak jaga, ada yang mak atau ayah tengah nazak dekat hospital, and all sorts of dugaan kehidupan. Yet me, yang terlalu comfort kat sini duduk goyang kaki tak kisah apa nak jadi next. Sebab COMFORT. T_____T Pastu takde duit takleh beli henbeg mula nak komplen muahahahahha. Tak sedar kat luar sana ramai lagi perlu duit untuk benda hidup dan mati, yang aku sebok dengan henbeg Prada tak sudaaaa. Kehkehkehkeh.

Makanya sekarang, saya berazam untuk berkerja lebih gigih lagi, helping more people to improve their health, TERUTAMA yang nak lose weight because I was once EXTREME OBESE so I faham perasaannya, or maybe help them to earn extra income or maybe apa-apa yang boleh dibantu, we'll see how. Tapi yang lose weight to memang I nak focus sangat, so if anyone of you nak jadi anak murid kita, you know where to find me. :) 

Tapi highlight nya di sini, tak kisah apa pekerjaan kita buat, we must dare to dream big. Bumi Allah ni luas, pintu rezeki terbentang merata-rata, cuma kita tak akan grab peluang tu kalau dari mula kita memang tak ada impian. Bila hidup tak ada impian, YANG BESAR, hari-hari serupa day in day out, day in day out, apa nak jadi ke depan sangatlah samar. Nak survive hari ni cukup, nak survive setahun dua lagi, Insyaallah cukup, tapi nak survive 20 tahun lagi (kalau umur panjang) kita tak tau. So dare to dream people and must dare to take action to make your dream a reality. 

So now kita ada few short term goals nak kena capai. Antaranya impian yang saya nak jadi WORLD TEAM member of Herbalife. This was once something IMPOSSIBLE untuk saya, macam tak pernah berangan pun, but now I know I can do it. Duduk goyang kaki pun boleh move and move sampai jadi SUPERVISOR, so kalau take extra efforts takkan tak lepas jadi WORLD TEAM kan. Target I bagi to myself before event EXTRAVAGANZA dekat Bangkok! Oh, event ni open to all, kalau ada sapa-sapa hangpa nak join, meh-meh kita buat rombongan Cik Kiah ke Bangkok!! 

Next impian is to get 10 serious people to lose weight at least 10KG by June or earlier the better. Satu suspek dah berjaya but dia masih teruskan misi hahaha, ini nanti kita share, satu tu suami saya sendiri, dulu dah lose weight 10kg pastu dia tak beria, I pun tak beria nak jadi Cikgu Garang hahaha, so now mission sambung balik, so ada balance slots next 8 people nak di-slim-kan dengan jayanya. Siapa nak cepat email tapi nak yang serious ok. Yang sanggup bagi peluang kat diri sendiri at least 3 months to change your life dengan jayanya. Macam gadis jelita ini. Eyh tak gadis jugak, tapi mak anak dua oke? Blogger famous babom-kebabom Perempuan Jomblo. Korang nak tau apa dia buat? Sila pergi terjah blog Lady Noe and tanya how she does all that. Yang pasti, dia seorang yang sabar, gigih, konsisten and yakin diri. 

Banyak lagi impian, nak beli handbag pun kira impian jugak. Nak bawak parents pergi umrah dengan DUIT SENDIRI pun impian jugak. Nak beli banglo dekat Aloq Setaq pun impian jugak. Nak hantar Adam nanti pergi golf class pun impian jugak. Ada orang tu nak pergi main golf dekat the best green dalam dunia pun impian jugak. Kecik ke besar ke, kalau benda tu kita nak sangat, semua mesti masuk dream list. And of course kena work for it, not sit on it. 

Eyh, rancangan bersambung lagi, Aiman Haris dah amukan nak susu. Kacau betul, orang baru nak jadi pakar motivasi ni. :P Till then, bye! Jangan lupa tulis impian! It makes A LOT of different in your life. Jangan sampai tahap 'padan muka' macam saya sudah lah, coach dah lama suruh tulis impian tapi kita bertangguh. So padan muka membazir setahun lepas. T____T

"Lose Weight? Gain Weight? Change Lifestyle? Earn extra income? Ask ShilaShower NOW!"
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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Let's Join Us! Weight Loss Challenge round 14!

Yeah, no kidding. Dah round 14. Betapa mendapat sambutan sangatkan pertandingan turun berat badan ni. Cuma I yang dah lama tak ajak orang masuk Weight Loss Challenge ni (WLC) sebab SANGAT busy and tahun lepas dengan pindah rumah semuakan. Ni awal tahun 2013, dah boleh tarik nafas sikit. 

Contest runs for a month, starting this Saturday (2nd Feb) and expected to end hujung bulan. Biasa amik masa 4 minggu lah. 

Now, kenapa digalakkan join challenge sebegini? SEBAB:

1. Hadiah wang tunai Ringgi Malaysia. 1st: RM1000, 2nd: RM500, 3rd: RM300, saguhati x 2: RM100

2. Semangat. Yang ni tak boleh beli kat mana-mana. Semangat sebab tengok semua orang berlumba-lumba nak lose weight, so kita pun join sama semangat. At least, kalau tak menang pun, progress tu ada, turun jugak kilo. Kalau duduk sorang-sorang, belum tentu semangat tu maintain sepanjang masa.

3. Personal coaching. Nanti kita timbang, buat body analysis, boleh tengok macam mana composition body water, fats and muscle rate you, then pasang strategi macam mana nak beat other contestants. Hahah. Ini namanya team work ok. Nak kurus pun kena ada strategi. :P

4. Turun berat badan cara sihat dengan pengambilan nutrisi sihat. Ini bukan cerita nak kurus cara 'bunuh diri'. Ikat perut berlapar sampai nak bergegar kepala otak. Ohhhh kirim salam, we don't do that. Target kita nak kick off lemak, tapi nak sayang muscle and body water yang kita ada elok-elok. Oh mungkin tambah lagi perasaan cinta pada plain water :)

5. Dapat tengok apa winners lain buat sebelum ini untuk turun berat badan. Kira ini paling mahallah. Sebab living testimonials banyak. Lain orang, lain cara, lain hasilnya. 

Apa? Tak cukup 5 sebab? Fine I give you another FIVE.

6. Sebab ada proper followup. Additional follow up dengan organizer, so akan mendapat khidmat nasihat yang lebih bertauliah lagi. Kadang-kadang nak lose weight ni, kena tau cara, tips and strategi, tapi kalau buat sorang-sorang tu macam slow sikit, sebab mungkin tak cukup ilham. Plus, kita tak dapat tengok pengalaman orang lain kan?

7. Sebab not only you lose weight, very likely akan improve kesihatan jugak. Constipation, sinus, migrain, period pain or pimples, itu majority masalah yang ramai orang hadapi (ok men takdak lah period pain tuuu pbftt) sebab sebelum ni cara pemakanan tak jaga, air tak minum and so on. So we teach people how to slowly berubah. Konsepnya, biar lambat asalkan sampai. Haha.

8. Kos adalah reasonable kalau you betul-betul consume pelan nutrisi ikut jadual. And you shouldn't be spending your money buying nasi lemak teh tarik for breakfast and nasik goreng for dinner lagi. Kalau you beli jugak, maksudnya tak ikut arahan la tu hahah. 

9. You NEVER know how a simple small change makes a big difference to your life. Mungkin penampilan bertambah hensem kacak cantik tampan menawan, mungkin pendapatan jugak berganda-ganda. You just don't know until you dare to give a try. To challenge yourself and to bring yourself out from your comfort zone. :)

10. Last but not least, to add more fun to your weight loss journey. Idok ler rasa mandom, baru seminggu mood dah ke laut dalam. :P And if you macam blur-blur dengan progress, at least you have good team to refer to. 

Akhir kata, mari admire gambar-gambar orang yang dah lose weight dengan maju jaya ni. Yang sentiasa sabar, konsisten and yakin diri. Serious nak kurus, serious nak buat bagi jadi, tak patah balik dah. 

Ini paling juara, sebab dari bulan April 2012 dia consume sampai sekarang. Awal-awal je susah, lama-lama tutup mata pun boleh bancuh shake. Haha.

Kak Siti. Paling kanan. Menang tempat kedua WLC, dapat RM500 (April 2012) 
Dah turun 30KG! Pengsan bangun balik pengsan. Tapi yer, ini realiti. She made it. She didn't lose weight over night, but over months, tapi dia sabar. Tu pasal konsep dia, "biar pelan janji sampai" haha.

Ok tengok testimonial lain. Ini pun dah turun lebih 15kg setiap sorang.

Isk isk isk. Anak menakan sapa la niiiiiiii :P
Wonderful product results. Barang baik hasil pun baik. ;)

Ha kagum tak? Kagum takkk? 

Ok ada lagi. Blogger gorjes ni. Tapi yang ni I belum dapat clear image of photo yang before. Yang ini pun amik dari blog dia, tengah demo tudung. Haha. Orang cantik, ko belit kot mana pun cantik jugak. ^____^ Blog Perempuan Jomblo. Peminat ramai ni, sila berguru dengan dia, dah turun lebih 10KG, tanya apa strateginya. Ini email dia

Lagi? Ramai yang tak email gambar, depa segan, eehehehe, nantilah mak jemah usahakan lagi. :P

Akhir kata, nah ini gambar rahsia. 

Masa ni body age 58. Menangis meraung tak kesudahan. Pbfttt. Sekarang?

Ok la kan? Takdak beza sangat dari gambar masa honeymoon dulu dengan sekarang, status emak anak dua. Hekhekhek :P The same seluar yang kita pakai masa honeymoon. The only seluar yang kita tak jual masa buat 'garage sale'. Seluar pembakar semangat nama dia. 

Kalau ada hajat di hati nak masuk Weight Loss Challenge and nak dapatkan info lebih lanjut, boleh contact Shila dekat :) or 0196097695. Terima kasih daun keladi, next entry jumpa lagi.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Tea Mix

Tiba-tiba rasa nak buat entry tentang Herbalife Tea Mix ni. Or memang patut pun buat tentang semua produk Herbalife hahaha sebab kita baru perasan kita tak pernah buat specific entry tentang each product :P Harap mahap nooo.

Tapi lepas dapat soalan ini dari LadyNoe - "betul ker tea mix peach untuk gemukkan badan?" (ada orang bagitau dia macam ni ataupun she must have read it somewhere la kot), rasanya perlulah di explain bahawasanya tea mix bukan mengakibatkan gain weight. Nehi nehiiii. TAK OK?

Ok, tea mix ada dua size, small 50g and large 100g. Small cuma ada one flavor iaitu Lemon Hibiscus whereas large ada dua flavors iaitu Lemon Hibiscus and another one Peach. Itu cuma rasa, tiada kena mengena dengan satu untuk lose weight while the other untuk gain weight.

As far as I'm concerned, Tea Mix also contains 20 other nutrients PLUS ANTIOXIDANTS, FOLIC ACID, CALCIUM and IRON. Sapa cakap ni macam tea jamu ubat kurus, sungguh ajaran sesat. :P

Now, ada 5 important facts that you need to know about tea mix. As easy as ABCDE ok? Apasal sampai E, sebab ada 5 kan tu heheh...

Rich of antioxidants. I called it power drink and this is one of my handbag staples (as much as I need my lipstick and 2-way-cake foundation, same goes to Herbalife Tea Mix) hehehe. Must have to have it. 

So what is it for? For your info, antioxidants have the power to protect you from disease and slow the aging process, as they fight the free radicals in your body that can harm your cells. If your antioxidant levels are low, oxidative stress can occur, making you susceptible to many illnesses including heart disease and cancer. Therefore, in order to keep your body healthy and your immune systems strong, you must consume an abundance of antioxidants on a daily basis. Example of rich antioxidants foods are berries, apples, artichokes, beans, red grapes and carrots. But of course it is not always convenient to consume the mentioned foods, so Herbalife Tea Mix is the best solution for all :) 

Yes it helps to burn calories, happy tak? Because it contains green tea and that helps a lot to burn your calories as well as to boost body metabolism rate. And if your metabolism rate is high, very likely you will lose weight faster. 

Again, green tea is great for cleansing purpose; to cleanse our body from toxic substances. Pimples, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, cavities - often a sign of poor elimination of toxins and waste products from body. Clear?

More or less the same as cleansing. But why we need to detox? To purify our body and to create a healthy circulatory system for better complexion, bowel movement, energy level and more. 

Part of my source of daily energy. My day starts at 5.30am, I have full time job, I do part time business (herbalife and diapercake), I have kids to look after, husband to sayang-sayang :P, I do laundry everyday, I cook and bedtime only at 11.30pm or 12am, it depends. So thank you Tea Mix. 

Need I say more? :P So much goodness, rugi tak minum! 

(Shila - 0196097695 - )

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Herbalife Very Berry Strawberry Shake

Nama pun Masterchef wannabe kan hahaha, buat shake haruslah nak ber-resepi bagai. Kena olah sikit shake tu, baru lah tak plain sangat. Barulah EXTRAORDINARY. But if you malas, I kenot help it lah. Trust me, buat Herbalife shake ni bukan lama pun, tak lebih 5 minit pun, itu pun sebab nak prepare stuff, as the blending process only takes less than 10 seconds. Sekejap sangat. 

Ada yang kata rumit. Entah. Saya kata, "tadek hal lahhhh" :P Buat kari kepala ikan boleh, bancuh shake 5 saat tak bleh, tak Masterchef lah cenggitu. 

Nah, ada follower Instagram kita cakap, "Macam gambar buat iklan" hehehehe. Well, literally yes, kita kan distributor Herbalife hehehe, so promotelah sikit. Brands lain tu turut menumpang sama hehe.

2 heaping scoops Herbalife Strawberry F1 powder
100ml low fat milk
100ml zero% fat yoghurt drink
100ml plain water
4pcs fresh strawberries
3-4 ice cubes 

How to:
Mix and blend well using food blender. Done. :) - Few seconds only, not even a minute. 

Ok dah. Malam ni kita nak buat Mocha shake pulak. Chocolate F1 mix dengan coffee powder. Nanti kita share recipe lagi. 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Herbalife Packs for You to Choose :)

Yuhuuuu. Ha, sekali tajuk Herbalife daaaa. Yer kita masih bergiat aktif yer dengan perniagaan Herbalife wahhh gituu. Jarang update doesn't mean that I dah putus cinta with Herbalife. Nehiii. 

By the way, kita nak share jenis-jenis packs yang Herbalife yang ada, yang di summarize daripada apa yang orang suka order. But again, kalau ada yang nak beli loose as in F1 shake sebotoi ja pun, mai lah, kedai kita takda paksa-paksa "hoi hoi kena amik pack ni, tak amik pack ni nanti kau tak kuwusss" 

Bukan tak kurus, bukan tak bagus, cuma hasil mungkin tak sepantas orang yang take full pack. But again, depends on your target lah, kalau setakat nak maintain weight, or lebih concern tummy area, you probably don't need the whole pack pun. Maintain weight, u can take shake untuk breakfast, much much better than tibai Nasik Lemak Teh Ais kan. Tengah hari nanti makan lah nasi if you wish so. Tapi ni untuk orang yang nak maintain. Gain weight, loose weight all different methods lah ye. 

Suka diingatkan jugak, Herbalife ialah makanan. Bukan ubat kurus, so don't expect to lose 10kg by just consuming one bottle of it. Tapi since its food, maka kids, remaja muda belia, orang tua, diabetic patient dan lain-lain boleh minum shake. Takdak masalah :) Hang rasa tepung gandung nak buat cokodok tak berapa cukup, haaa mix-lah pakai F1 and F3 mix, tadak apa aihhhh, sihat berkhasiat lagi. Siyes tak tipu.

I stop replace my meals dah lama. I kan masterchep la ni, kerja dok masak ja, dah masak kenalah makan. Hahaha. Tapi makan moderatelylah, takdak la nak bertambah bagai. Yang penting kita tidak mengamalkan budaya supper. Makan nasik lemak kat mamak, balik tidok. Ha baguihhh dok ada. Shake untuk maintain weight for breakfast tapi jujurnya ada time kita skip also hehehe. Tapi I tak tinggai shake entirely. Yang penting tea mix hari-hari mau minum. Itu sumber tenaga. 

Alhamdulillah, I managed to maintain my weight, so far takdak masalah. Plus minum 1kg tu adalah biasa tapi I tak susah hati. Sebab bukan permanent basis. Yang penting bila timbang I nak tengok body fat level tu bawah 29%. Tapi I tell you ah, 29% pun bukan kategori ideal lagi, ideal dalam 25% rasanya, tapi I'ollz bukan la atlit lumba lari ka ahli sukan ka, haha. Berbanding body fats yang hazabedah dekat 40% masa first started Herbalife, I rasa range 29% dah ok banyak. Helloooo helloooo this body fat aaaa even to drop by 1% it takes a whole lot of efforts. SANGAT. Not that easy ok?

Maka dengan itu, sebarang surat menyurat, email and whatnot, sila ajukan kepada :) Pakej-pakej kat bawah ni cuma untuk reference which most people preferred lah. ;) And owh, F1 shake ni ada LIMA flavors untuk dipilih: DUTCH CHOCOLATE, FRENCH VANILLA, CAPPUCCINO, TROPICAL FRUITS and STRAWBERRY.

[Pack 1 - One Month Mega Pack]
2 F1 Shakes, 1 F3 Whey Protein, 1 Tea Mix 100g, 1 Aloe Vera Mix
FREE! Shaker, Water Bottle & Postage

[Pack 2 - One Month Super Pack]
2 F1 Shakes, 1 F3 Whey Protein, 1 Tea Mix 100g
FREE! Shaker, Water Bottle & Postage

[Pack 3 - One Month Ultra Pack]
2 F1 Shakes, 1 Tea Mix 100g, 1 Aloe Vera Mix
FREE! Shaker, Water Bottle & Postage

[Pack 4 - One Month Light Pack]
2 F1 Shakes, 1 Tea Mix 50g
FREE! Shaker

 [Pack 5 - Starter Pack A]
1 F1 Shake, 1 F3 Whey Protein, 1 Tea Mix 100g
FREE! Shaker

 [Pack 6 - Starter Pack B]
1 F1 Shake, 1 F3 Whey Protein, 1 Tea Mix 50g
FREE! Shaker

  [Pack 7 - Trial Pack]
1 F1 Shake, 1 Tea Mix 50g
FREE! Shaker

 [Pack 7 - My Healthy Breakfast]
2 F1 Shakes
FREE! Shaker